Forging trust and fostering change in Seattle neighborhoods

“The number one need is housing. It could also be things like getting a replacement ID, or getting assistance with food, or medical help… things like that. Everyone’s need is completely different.”

– Paige, Ballard-based outreach worker, REACH


Living outside results from a variety of factors ranging from trauma to systemic discrimination based on race, class, substance use, or mental health. In order to truly connect people to the services they need, ETS’ REACH program meets them where they are, physically or emotionally, and helps them reach goals that they define.


Watch how our neighborhood-based outreach works in Ballard. Paige, one of our outreach case managers, is a resource for Ballard businesses and for people living outside. This program has recently been replicated in SODO, and will soon start in Belltown, the International District, and First Hill with funding from Seattle Human Services Department.


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