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Evergreen Treatment Services (ETS) has been providing transformative, evidence-based opioid use treatment for more than 45 years. Our Clinic Services program provides counseling, case management services, and medication to support recovery.

As one of the largest providers of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in Washington State, we serve more than 3,000 patients at our clinics throughout western Washington. We use a comprehensive approach combining medications, counseling, and case management services. ETS partners with nationally- recognized researchers to improve substance use disorder treatment and the application of findings to clinical practice.

When opioid use disorder is managed with medication, patients do not experience the highs and lows that short-acting opioids like heroin and many pain medications create. Patients can then take better care of themselves, rebuild relationships with family, and return to work. Our interdisciplinary team provides the care that patients need to rebuild their lives.

Since 1996 REACH has worked to improve the quality of life for adults who are living outside in the greater Seattle area. Our goal is to help people access the support they need to move forward with their lives. We partner with our clients to navigate the complex system of social services, making sure to embrace their worth and humanity every step of the way.

Our work begins by forging trust between our clients and our team members. These relationships are the key to our work. Living outside results from a variety of factors ranging from unlucky circumstance to systemic discrimination based on class, race, substance use, or mental health.

It may take time for people to be ready for services like shelter, mental health care, or substance use disorder treatment, so we meet people where they are and work with them to meet the goals that they define. Our interdisciplinary team is made up of case managers, social workers, chemical dependency specialists, nurses, and other compassionate staff who are devoted to our clients.

Every day we help nearly 3,000 people in their work towards recovery by stabilizing their opioid use disorders. According to evidence-based research, our treatment is the most effective option available for this medical condition, and we’ve been specializing in it for over 40 years. Our treatment can help you stabilize your opioid use disorder and help you get control of your life.

Living for your next fix isn’t living. Call us today.