All ETS clinics are pleased to coordinate dispensing to patients traveling to our area.

Patients currently enrolled in a medication assisted treatment program anywhere in the world can request courtesy doses from any of our clinic locations. 


  • Your home clinic must fax a valid release of information form to the ETS clinic at which you would like to receive your medication. This must be completed a minimum of 72 hours prior to the first scheduled dose. Your clinic should call the ETS clinic to ensure the fax was received.

  • Your home clinic is responsible for confirming arrangements prior to sending you to an ETS clinic.

  • Courtesy doses are $20/day and must be paid in advance for all of the days you wish to courtesy dose. Patients on Medicaid will have your billing arranged by the clinic.  You can pay in cash or money order on your first day of courtesy dosing. Visa, and Discover card are also accepted Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, no refunds are provided if you shorten your stay after starting the courtesy dosing.

  • If you arrive later than the previously scheduled date, you are financially responsible for the pre-arranged dosing days.

  • If you would like to extend your stay in the area, the home clinic must contact ETS on your behalf before the last scheduled day. The home clinic will need to fax an updated Courtesy Dosing Information form to the ETS clinic.

  • On the first scheduled day of dosing, ETS will need:

    • The full amount of fees due in cash, money order or credit card.
    • Proper photo identification.
    • A hand-carried, sealed envelope containing the information that has been faxed from your home clinic.
    • A lock box for take-home doses. These are available for purchase at the dispensary if needed.
  • To receive the courtesy dose, you will need to go to the reception desk (Monday through Friday) and let the staff know you are a courtesy dose guest patient.

  • Courtesy dosing hours are between 5:30am – 11:00am at all clinic locations. Please arrive at the clinic by 11:00am to allow for any additional paperwork or verification steps that may arise.

We provide services at these locations

*Available services can vary by location.