Stand for Health Equity & Community Justice

Several tents make up an encampment. In the background, a tree. Slightly left of center, an ETS outreach worker kneels in front of a client as they talk together.
  • Advocate for equity-focused and effective public policies
  • Protect the health and dignity of people who use drugs
  • Prioritize and promote community-driven public safety initiatives
  • Design and promote healing-centered spaces

Many ETS staff are already lending their voices and influence to move our communities toward justice, compassion, and self-determination.

This work will continue with further investment and focus in the years to come. Our responsibility involves more than mitigating systemic inequities—we must end them! ETS will complement service efficacy with principled policy advocacy to fight against dehumanizing and racist stigmas. We will grow our work designing and delivering new models of community safety and advocate for a wider range of services focused on the actual needs and autonomy of individuals with complex behavioral health conditions. This work will happen on the street, in jails, in courtrooms, and within our own walls as we transition the spaces in which we work into healing-focused environments that are open, welcoming, dignified, and safe.