Acupuncture at ETS

Photo credit: Ted Zee for Evergreen Treatment Services

Evergreen Treatment Services provides evidence-informed recovery services for clients seeking substance use treatment. Substance use is often the result of traumas and inequities our clients face, like chronic homelessness, mental illness, racism, and poverty. To meet the intersectional needs of our clients, we provide a continuum of recovery support services to care for their overall wellness.

Acupuncture is one of the recovery services offered at ETS. Acupuncture alleviates withdrawal symptoms and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety to help clients stick with their treatment. As one of our acupuncturists explains, “the base of acupuncture is mind, body, spirit.” At ETS, we recognize recovery is an individual process that requires compassionate support – acupuncture is one way we help clients meet their physical and emotional needs to best manage their recovery journey. Watch our video to learn more about this service.


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