Traditional criminal justice approaches are not working.


We create community, build connections, and keep people out of jail. Our collaborative projects, including the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program and Vital—a pilot program of King County’s Familiar Faces Initiative—help to restore, heal, and improve quality of life for our clients and in so doing decrease their contact with the system.

To learn more about our justice system transformation programs, visit the REACH Program website.



Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)

The LEAD program is an innovative effort of diverse partners including the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, the Seattle Police Department, and The Defenders Association. LEAD is revolutionizing the way Seattle law enforcement handles people accused of repeat, low-level drug-related crimes by providing a comprehensive mix of services rather than putting them in jail. REACH provides the case management and access to services that are the backbone of LEAD.

More information can be found on King County’s LEAD website



Vital – Familiar Faces initiative

Vital is designed to provide comprehensive and integrated services to adults who are experiencing mental health conditions and co-occurring substance use issues, need an intensive level of community-based support, and may be experiencing homelessness.

A collaboration between REACH, Harborview Medical Center and Plymouth Housing Group, the Vital team employs expertise from diverse disciplines, from psychiatry to occupational therapy to intensive care management. The Vital team provides care that is centered around the participant’s personal goals and aims to improve social and health outcomes, including but not limited to a reduction in jail time and ER visits and an increase in housing stability and social connectedness. Read more about these outcomes.

More information can be found on the King County website.

Our goal is to help people access the support they need to move forward with their lives. We walk alongside and support each person’s healing process.

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